Choosing your wedding flowers

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, instead, it’s best to chat to your florist and work together in creating a beautiful colour palette and style. We caught up with on-site florist Ashleigh from Piccolo & Poppi to discuss all things petals.

Whether your favourite colour is pink, or you’re more of a tropical fan, choosing your wedding flowers is all part of the fun. Don’t let traditions or tricky details get in the way of your big day. So how do you begin sourcing and deciding on your flowers? Ashleigh suggests starting with three main points:

1. Gather inspiration. Instagram, Pinterest and magazines provide amazing ideas for your upcoming wedding. Start a scrapbook, screenshot your favourite bouquets and create a colour palette you’re in awe of.

2. Write down a budget on paper. It’s hard to know what flowers are going to cost, but if you provide your florist with an upfront amount, they’ll be able to guide you in the right direction.

3. Don’t get caught up in trends or must-haves. The season’s change, as do the flowers, so choosing seasonal flowers will work better with your overall costs.

Aside from the three main points above, choosing colours and ideas that reflect your personality {and maybe your fiancé}, is most important. There is no point in having roses if you don’t vibe them. Personal touches, unique ideas and input from your bestie’s is always helpful.

Ashleigh suggests choosing a colour palette, rather than just one colour. This is helpful when it comes to sourcing the blooms.

“If the florist is working with one solid colour, it can be hard to nail the colour palette on the day due to circumstances out of their control. If pink is your thing, chat to your florist about different shades of pink, such as dusty pink, raspberry, or even peach”.

To get the most out of your flowers, Ashleigh recommends repurposing ceremony flowers to the reception, allowing them to bloom even longer {and create amazing photos}.

“The ceremony is only a short stint in the entire day, so taking the arch flowers and placing them on the bridal table after the ceremony is a wonderful way to capture their beauty even longer”.

Flowers add such a beautiful element to a special day, so relax and enjoy the process, and don’t leave booking your florist until the last minute, as your favourite petal creator will book out quickly.